Hi! I’m Monique Espejo Torina. I am the only granddaughter of Lolo Badong.

I would like to tell you about some of the fun things Lolo Badong and I did when he was still with us.

When Lolo and I went to Megamall and I would crave for the beef noodle soup at my favorite restaurant Pho Hoa, he would surely bring me there for lunch or dinner.

He would buy me new clothes, new books and new toys even when it was not my birthday nor Christmas time.

When Lolo and I went on vacation along with Mommy, Lola and Uncle he would play with me on the beach and we would do fun things like play cards, billiards or scrabble.

When we went to Art In Island in Quezon City last October along with my best friend Chesca, we took a lot of pictures with Lolo and there was this one painting where Lolo posed with angel wings.

Lolo Badong was a nice and loving grandfather, so although I am sad that he passed away I like to imagine that Lolo is now our guardian angel with real wings.