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Things millionaires can’t buy

In My Eyes

By Edward B. Antonio


The best things in life are free, fellas.

Not everything can be bought, even by millionaires.

Sam, my colleague in school paper advising, used to tell me that all his fatigue goes up in air once he arrives home to find his 3-year old son meeting him at the door, carrying his slippers.

Jhon finds happiness whenever Leigh, his crush, smiles at him at the corridor, showing her deep dimples. He said his day is already complete.

When she first stepped into the soft sand by the spring, the soft water current tickled Ellen no end, and she found herself in the land of an enchanted kingdom, imagining herself a princess dating his prince.

Even a time with a son is priceless, fellas.

Here’s a story from kidzworkdfun that depicts that not everything can be bought:

Nick was a 10 year old boy. He was the only son to his parents. Nick’s father was a very busy businessman who could not spend time with his son. He came home after Nick slept, and was off to office before Nick woke up in the morning. Nick yearned for his father’s attention. He wanted to go outdoors and play with his father just like his friends did.

One day, Nick was surprised to see his father at home in the evening.

“Dad, it is a big surprise to see you at home,” Nick said.

Yes son, my meeting was cancelled. So I’m at home. But after two hours I have to catch a flight,” his father replied.

“When will you be back?”

“Tomorrow noon.”

Nick was in deep thought for a while. Then he asked, “Dad, how much do you earn in a year?”

Nick’s father was taken aback. He said, “My dear son, it’s a very big amount and you won’t be able to understand it.”

“Ok dad, are you happy with the amount you earn?”

“Yes my dear. I’m very happy, and in fact I’m planning to launch our new branch and a new business in a few months. Isn’t that great?”

“Yes, dad. I’m happy to hear that. Can I ask you one more question?”

“Yes, dear.”

“Dad, can you tell me how much you earn in a day or even half a day?”

“Nick, why are you asking this question?” Nick’s father was perplexed.

But Nick was persistent. “Please answer me. Can you please tell me how much you earn in an hour?”

Nick’s father gave in and replied, “It will be around $ 25/- per hour.”

Nick ran to his room upstairs, and came down with his piggy bank that contained his savings.

“Dad, I have $50 in my piggy bank. Can I pay your 2-hour time? I want to go to the beach and have dinner with you tomorrow evening. Can you please mark this in your schedule?”

Nick’s father was taken aback, his tears rolling down his eyes. He embraced his son tightly and whispered to his ears: “I’m so sorry, my son, I love you…”

Nick’s father realized that all his money in the world could not buy the time his son was asking him.

Michele Bird listed the following as valuable things money cannot buy:

A family you can always count on.

Someone who supports your dreams.

Humor and laughter.

A person who doesn’t give up on you.

A satisfying nap.

Lessons you learn from tough times.

Quality time with your loved ones.

People telling you how proud they are of you.

Having someone listen to you intently.

Having and giving respect.

A meaningful apology.

Peace of mind by letting go of grudges.

Hugs and kisses.

The love of your children, family, and significant other.

The sound of rainfall.

Gazing at the stars.

Jumping into a pool on a hot day.

Seeing flowers in bloom.

Receiving a compliment.

Strolling on the beach.

Celebrating an anniversary with your loved one.

Growing old with someone you love.

Singing along to your favorite song.

Cuddling with a loved one.

Winning a contest.

The smell of fresh air.

Learning new knowledge.

Finding something you were looking for.

Jumping in a pile of leaves.

Going on a hike.

Taking off your shoes after a long day.

Looking into your child’s eyes for the first time.

Feeling nostalgic.

Looking back on childhood memories.

Cracking open a book for the first time.

Dancing and singing to your favorite song.

Just being alive.

Can you add to the long list, fellas?