Universal Leaf Phil., Inc. donates running boards, nails for bridge repair

As part of company’s social responsibility and for continuous partnership with our stakeholders in the community, Universal Leaf Philippines Inc. has donated forty-eight (48) pieces of Running Board (2x10x18) and ten (10) kilos of Assorted C.W. Nail for the Bridge Repair in Barangay San Pablo, Narvacan, Ilocos Sur last February 06, 2008. This project hopes to help the farmers with their burden to transport and market large volumes of cash crops especially tobacco and also help the company to transport inputs and materials for tobacco production in the barangay.

Universal Leaf Philippines Inc. is a SEC-registered, private corporation, and is a major supplier of the best value of tobacco in terms of quality, price and service in the Philippines. It continuously strives to function as a good corporate citizen by ensuring effective environmental and occupational health and safety programs throughout its operations and is committed to cooperate with the Local Government in serving the community especially its loyal farmers.

Universal Leaf Philippines Inc. would like to extend its warmest gratitude to all its farmers for their continuous support and loyalty.#