Use savings to aid typhoon victims, Magsaysay urges gov’t

Zambales Rep. Mitos Magsaysay has urged the government to use a portion of its savings to extend assistance to those severely affected by typhoon Pedring, in order to give the victims a leg up in terms of livelihood and rebuilding their homes.

“Thousands of families have been affected by the typhoon but the worst affected were those who lost their crops and their homes to the onslaught of the storm,” she lamented.

Magsaysay said the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Social Welfare and Development could do well in assessing the damages and extending assistance to those affected by providing fresh crops, loans for seeds and fertilizers, or materials for farmers and residents who lost their yield and their houses because of the heavy rains and winds brought about by Pedring.

“The government has so far done a good job in keeping the public informed of the movement of the storm and what they need to do in case of emergency. We also need to give credit the public for heeding the alerts and doing their share in staying safe. As a result, less lives were lost this time around compared to previous storms. But it is also important to note what will be done after, in the aftermath of the storm to help these people go back to normal when their livelihood and their homes have suffered a huge blow from the storm,” she said.

Meanwhile, Magsaysay also advised those who are living in coastal towns in her district in Zambales to remain vigilant the storm signal #2 is still up in the province pending Pedring’s exit to the country.

“Local authorities in Zambales have already devised a method among the residents as to when they should be ready to evacuate and when the danger is imminent. I urge my fellow Zambalenos to remain vigilant because the danger is still not over. Stay on the alert and pack your essentials so that in case there is a need to move to safer grounds, you will be able to do so quicker,” she advised.#