VP Binay to gov’t auditors: report all irregularities

Vice President Jejomar C. Binay on Wednesday encouraged government auditors to report any irregularity that they may uncover in the performance of their duties.

“Never hesitate to bring an irregularity to our attention, regardless of who your most thorough findings reveal to be at fault. If you need the mantle of the government’s protection, come to us and we will stand for you as you heroically stand for the law,” he said to some 500 internal auditors and officials and employees from different government agencies attending the Association of Government Internal Auditors’ (AGIA) Annual National Convention in Puerto Princesa, Palawan.

Moreover, the Vice President supported the AGIA’s call to institutionalize the Internal Audit Service (IAS) across all government units, saying “the taxes and funds paid freely by a trusting public deserve no less than the most diligent care as outlined by law.”

“I urge all the members of the AGIA to further spur the adoption of the IAS by all agencies, through continuous exchanges with agency heads on how the IAS can effectively be setup and implemented,” he said.

Binay said “a system of checks and balances is the hallmark of democracy and the prerequisite of good governance” and added that good governance was “a product of efficient and effective internal auditing.”

The Vice President also said that the scope of governmental auditing has evolved over the years and no longer just concerned with financial operations.

Governmental auditing has expanded “to consider whether governmental organizations are achieving the purposes for which programs are authorized and funds are made available, are doing so economically and efficiently, and are complying with applicable laws and regulations, he said.

The Vice President also lauded the participants of the convention for their contributions to good governance, saying they “work tirelessly without seeking public recognition or acclaim.”

“You are the nameless and faceless public servants who have exhibited unselfish heroism and courage in the performance of duty,” he said.

“Your work is tedious, difficult, often underappreciated and at times, unjustly dismissed as red tape. You have probably been called a hindrance rather than an agent of change but I assure you nothing could be more false,” he added.#