Behavior and Social Adjustments in their Social Milieu


The most pressing behavioral problem that the respondents viewed was excitement (X: 3.47) which is characterized by their heightened emotional tone as shown by increased reactivity, agitated feelings, movements, speech).

Other behavioral concerns that they moderately experience include anxiety states (X 3.16) or the feeling of tension, uncertainty, worry, fear, restlessness etc.), social withdrawal (X: 2.91)  or the tendency to disassociate oneself to groups, shows signs of opposition etc) and hostility and belligerence (X: 2.82) or the tendencies to be contemptuous, destructive, bellicose and offensive to others, etc.

Disorientation ( X: 2.53) is perceived by respondents as the least problem that befuddles them. Their unawareness, confusion or lack of proper association for personal identity or status comprise this component. However, it could be deduced that the Abraenios are firm and resolute with their identities as Cordillerans.

As to their adjustments socially, the Abraenios enrolled in UNP, they highly practice the following: befriending their classmates and board mates, speaking the lingua franca usually uttered in the school, remaining neutral to issues affecting relationships, learning the folkways, mores and norms of the place and finally, joining associations to enhance their socialization skills.

To the respondents, they moderately associate themselves to various groups, work diligently with people of various backgrounds and keep mum to some unhealthy practices of students.

Relationship Between the Profile of the Respondents with their Values, problems, Needs and Social Adjustments

Along values or attributes, only the students’ membership to student organizations was found to be significantly correlated (r: -.299).

Along inner states or problems, age is found to be highly correlated (.309) at .01 level  of significance. This means that the older the respondent is, the more problems he encounters in his dealings in the academe.

Along behavior problems, two variables were found to have significant relationship; they are year level (r: -.359) and mother’s highest educational attainment (r:-.257).

On Needs motivated by desire for freedom, change, excitement and play, there appeared a significant relationship with mothers’ educational attainment ( r: .227). 

Finally, the variable “miscellaneous needs” is significantly correlated with father’s highest educational attainment (r: .267).


Based from the findings, the conclusion is hereby presented:

The respondents who hail fro  Abra at the same time enrolled in a State University in Ilocos Sur are young collegiate students enjoying more educational benefits for being in the academe, enrolled in some Nursing or education or business course with a dream of going abroad and work as medical and nursing assistants or care givers.

Their being freshmen suggests more sacrifices and toil before they realize their cherished dreams and aspirations.

As Catholics believing Christian practices and doctrines, joining school organizations is one outlet to develop and hone their leadership, skills and competencies as well as to expand their ring of networks among the students themselves where they in turn are exposed to cultural amalgamation.

The Abraenios are proud to be ‘culturally identified’ that suggests how they cherish their tradition-long values. Concern to the welfare and being of their love ones, friends, guests and even newly-found acquaintances are some of their foremost considerations.

The personal, social, cultural values indicate the unmatched beauty and integrity of the psyche of the Abraenios wherein their potentials and capabilities as well as their responsibilities towards a very productive mainstream society are capitalized.

However, there are mild inner states or problems that they encounter mainstream Ilokano universities and these are excellent avenues for them to adjust. 

Their “mixing up” with the Ilokanos could be a source of stimulation and pleasure to move on. But the psyche of the Abraenios enrolled in Ilokano mainstream universities is largely banked and anchored on emotional, social and psychological concerns.

Moreover, they are firm and resolute with their identities as Cordillerans. Hence, their psyche are well established as to their convictions as people of the mountains, conditioned to self survival, thus they do various social fine-tuning.

The needs of the respondents range from miscellaneous down to needs motivated by power, affection and autonomy. They are motivated too, by the inspirations and writings of some political giants and philosophers; their showing of admiration, sympathy, love and affection is an important ingredient in the psyche o the Abraenios, a part and parcel of their identity as Cordillerans.

Likewise, the autonomy they use to enjoy in their natural boundaries are somewhat searched in the academic milieu some restrictions and but amused to see limitations imposed upon them.

Nonetheless, they keep themselves out of the line to show their distinctiveness as Cordillerans.


In the light of the findings and conclusions made, the following recommendations are highly advanced:

1. To enhance the united stand of the Abraenio students, they should collectively join associations that promote their interests, needs and identity.

2. Behavioral problems like excitement should be one of their main considerations. Their heightened emotional tone as shown by increased reactivity, agitated feelings might be misconstrued by other that may spark conflict. Hence, they should maintain a moderately low profile along this aspect.

3. As members of their unique ethnic group, they must not be ashamed to show their culture. Instead, they should feel proud by manifesting their identity.

4. The meager allowance they receive from their parents, this could be supplemented by engaging in some job promotions or better, become a university’s student labor.

5. More studies along this topic should be conducted by other researchers to highlight their involvement in scholastic and academic endeavors. #