Most of the respondents are first year students (f: 31) followed by the seniors (f: 20). This suggests that their toiling and dream years are still far from reality. Much sacrifices are still expected from them before they realize their cherished dreams and aspirations.

Many of the respondents revealed that they are predominantly Catholic (f: 65) although Abra is a land-locked province. This suggests that Christianity had already penetrated their villages and eventually led them to believing Christian practices and doctrines.

Though many of them ( f: 29) are not members to any student organization (most likely this is accredited, not mandated, because once a student is enrolled in a particular course, he automatically becomes a member of the mandated organization existing in that degree) the respondents’ membership to student organizations varies from academics to sports and student governance. This implies that they seek other outlets to develop and hone their leadership, skills and competencies as well as to expand their ring of networks among the students themselves. Hence, they are exposed to cultural amalgamation.

Most of the respondents indicated that they only have P400 to P600 weekly allowance. With the ever spiraling prices of prime commodities, as well as the so many financial needs of a student, the amount mentioned would be classified to be minimal. However, this connotes that the students are really sacrificing a lot to make both ends meet. This further implies that life among the Abraenios, especially the students is marred with neck breaking economic difficulty. This would partly affirm Abra’s inclusion in the top 20 most impoverished provinces in the country.

It is surprising to note that most of their father’s highest educational attainment as revealed by them is within college level (f: 34). Others have reached high school education only ( f: 21) though many have enrolled themselves in the post graduate education (f: 12). This implies that their fathers have shown a certain degree of determination to acquire education. And this, is what they are trying to radiate to their children. Possession of a degree is touted to be a legacy, something to be proud of, and something valuable that boosts their ego.  

Just like their fathers, their mothers managed to acquire a high degree of education as divulged by the respondents. Many of them attended college education ( f: 26) and post graduate ( f: 14). This suggests that their mothers are equipped with important conceptual, technical and administrative skills and competencies which are usually imbibed in educational institutions.

With the education at hand, still many of the respondents’ parents are tillers of land ( f: 33). However, many have employed themselves to more lucrative jobs in offices, and agencies (f: 25), probably utilizing and applying what they have learned. This implies that work is rare and very elusive to job seekers, much more to non-possessors of appropriate degrees.  

Level of Socio-Cultural Values of the Respondents

The respondents rated their socio-cultural values and was found out to be “High” with the exemption of respectfulness which they rated to be “Very High.”  This implies that the Abraenios are proud to be ‘culturally identified’ and that only suggests how they cherish these tradition-long values.

Thoughtfulness and helpfulness top the other socio-cultural values that the Abraenios hold dear.  This indicates that they show much concern to the welfare and being of their love ones, friends, guests and even newly-found acquaintances.

Though all of them fall under the same “High” level, the least prioritized values include achievement orientation, sociability, intelligence and sensitiveness. This connotes lack of opportunities for them top develop more their God-given talents.

As a whole, the personal, social, cultural values indicate the unmatched beauty and integrity of the psyche of the Abraenios. This implies that they know their potentials and capabilities as well as their responsibilities towards a very productive mainstream society.#