WEB AND WEAVE: The Metamorphosis of Ilokano Songs (Continuation)

Mariner. Maninisid.

But not as a seafarer, but a sex pervert ( sexpert?)

They claim this song Sisid Marino is a semi love song. The song reminds those people who are working on the high seas and missed their loved ones. But unknowingly, this semi-innocent song is clad with sexist words.

Inikkatko ti pagan-anay agraman bra, ken panty

Simmakay isuna iti rakit nga intugotmi


Idi kuan makalagip bimmatok a nagpababa

Anian a nagmayat ti ar-aramidenna

Idi kuan lumung-aw angesna’t agpugsatpugsat

Kinunak kenkuana, “oh darling naglaingka.”


Sisid marino, naglaing daytoy nobiok

Iyunana iti ngato kalpasanna agpangato

Naglaing nga aglangoy eksperto daytoy boyfriendko

Diakon isuksukat ni sisid marino


Sumaruno a rabii inulitmi nagnight swimming

Imuna a nagpakleb kalpasanna nagdata met lang

Pinasikatak met isuna naglugannak iti rakit

Kasla helikopter iti innak inaramid

This song is a favorite of many households. The airing is unhampered because the old and the young love to hear. But they don’t know that this is causing an emotional malaise among the young, their children. It is sickening to know how harsh realities affect their very lives. Does this song prove that mariners have many wives?



One of the most hated songs that directly insults the ego of women. The words are terribly agonizing. This emboldens attempt of the curious individuals, especially the happy go lucky ones to commit unresponsible acts.

For the neophytes, this song seems a very cheerful one. But as they go deeper into giving meanings to words, a feeling of disappointment and frustration will surely cloud their whole being.

    This could be a laughing stuff among ourselves, making ourselves a victim of vicious repetition of indecent words.


Adda manokko a kawitan…

Anian a garitna ken dang-as

Ket ugalina agkamatkamat

Kadagiti upa a tumayaktak

With these lines alone, descriptions are adequate to show culpability. Men, by nature are bent on showing their masculine attributes even at the expense of the others. Women are belittled; they fall prey to the ever powerful “manador.”

No ti buanggerna ken taraki

Kaay-ayo pay sabali a puli

Ta no isu’t mapan makipolis

Uray la ulona kumamkamatis

Another show of color. Men are fond of boasting their catch. Even they suffer from karma.

Ngem no itan no matayen toy manokko

Kankanayon payen nga agmamayo

Di payen makaapon iti nangato

Tumaraok ti dinan masango


It’s not happy parting song, after all. The very payment of mischievousness and aggression.


               KISS MARK

A kiss mark is a symbol of token; of possession; and experience.

But the song explicitly suggests cheap type of relationship. That necking is an approved sign of loyalty and love. But after that stage, petting follows and you know where it ends.

Who says then that kiss mark is a pure expression of love?




This song is obviously for gays or homosexual people. The lyrics are a manifestation of gay lingo that are offensive to modesty.

Sinnubo nga agpatnag

Sepsep-ang dimmungpar ti tultulang

Ol akis lalas a malafang

Uray was akis iti ganda

Basta mairis ken madasmang

Lafanglafang ti hilig ko

Dadakila kada matabo

Fornication is a taboo in a civilized society but herein, they devilishly hide the truth. They disguise the words to let it appear it’s normal. But sad to say, the bottom line lies in the act of barbarity of many of their heteroforce.

The way we see it now, gays are becoming wild and unrespectable in the eye of the crowd. We are not trying to offend the homosexuals, but we think if they want to gain some respect, they should respect their selves first and act proper and adequate in front of people despite of being different among others.

In the eyes of the child, these things become acceptable…

          (To be concluded)