WEB AND WEAVE: The Metamorphosis of Ilokano Songs (Continuation)


This song is about a woman asking the service of a therapist. In this scenario, conversations are rife with expressions leading to more doors of sexuality. The mood here is something provocative. Worse, it’s the woman doing the “first move.”

Manong mabalin agpamasaheak paablo

Ala ngarud manong mabalinta nga irugin

Abluem man manong daytoy luppok

Masahiem man manong tay bukotko

Apo! Manong met dimo met unay irigis met!

Ala dayta manongen

Ilutem man manong daytoy pus-ongko

Masahiem man manong daytoy barukongko


When a women becomes the temptress, insinuating what should be done, men normally bite the bait. Self restraint is very difficult to halt when people see situations or circumstances ( the prey going nearer to the predator) as blessings. In fact these are not, but shadows of ruin. If they only know that destruction is lurking nearby.



The composer is a master of symbols. This time, two species of freshwater fishes are used to substitute the genitalia. The terms “Bukto” and “Tilapia” are shallow reflections of the reproductive organs.

Oftentimes we put a malicious meaning to tilapia. “Nagtaban/nagdakkelen a tilapia.”

And now, in a story form, this song focuses to two persons, with a memorable relationship. The setting is consistent with the symbols and ideas being generated..

Ay-yay-yay nagbinnatokda

Ni Sioning bukto nakammelna

Ay-yay-yay limmung-awda

Kuna ni Siano kukuak dayta


Ay-yay-yay nagbinnatokda

Ni Siano tilapia nakammelna

Ay-yay-yay limmung-awda

Kuna ni Sioning kukuak dayta


Ay-yay-yay anian a ragsakda

Nakakammelda bukto ken tilapia

Bukto ni Siano permi’t kulagtitna

Ta kinagat tilapia ni Sioning


All is well that ends well, so they say. But, does it sit well with the young listeners? Aren’t they corrupted instead?

Next time, when you show them bukto and tilapia, they would readily relate them with their interpretations.



Infidelity. Unfaithfulness. Broken vows. These could be some of the values very visible in this song. But sad to say, these are negative values.

They always say that the family is the bedrock of all values. But, why then a partner succumbs to temptations? This may not be a sign of frailty but sexual orientation or poverty. Worse, it is always the woman here who is calling the shots. To the benefit and detriment of her family.

Prostitution leading to separation? I doubt if this is okey among the listeners. Exposing children to social ills like this would eventually orient them similar actuations in the future.

A napanka idiay Laoag

Nagluganka’t bassit a trak

Ket diak ammo’t napaspasamak

Ngem idin ta simmangpetkan

Kinarkarton a delata

Ken dimo payen nakarkarga

Dimon san mailawlawag…

Ti naramanam idi napanka’t Laoag

Nga isu’t pagat-atapak

Nga addan kasugpon daytoy bolsak

The texts are clear. It clears the way to sexual infidelity.

Itan baket lipatennak

Bassit a trak nangted kenka’t ragsak

Toy hotdogko dimo metten kayat

Inim-imasmo met ti bassit a trak

This is the punchline. The victim may not be the father but the children.



This song uses the concept of the dance not to reveal apparently the malicious meaning or understanding of the lines. The song is simply written about a man who dances and a woman who charms and seemed to attract the man’s desire. But when trying to seek deep within our minds, we tend to get the idea of the song into the knowledge of rhythmic movements of sexual activity.

Panaggilinggilingko a sumala

Agtilmontilmon, agsekkasekkadka

Agin-agindidi, aginmamayatka

Nakasipot, nakatutok dayta matam





This song obviously connotes the way the same sexual activity is done with the use of symbolic words:

Naimas, naimas

Diay bibingka, naimas …

diak koma kayat idi ngem sinulisognak

Ammona la ngaruden nga addan nobiak…

Namitlo namitlo a nagsasaruno

Namitlo namitlo a nagsasaruno

Naishoot, naishoot

Diay bola naishoot


The gist of the song focuses on a basketball player enticed by a fan into engaging in a physical contact of bodies.

Namitlo, namitlo a nagsasaruno

Naishoot, naishoot diay bola naishoot…

      (To be continued)