Based from the findings, the following conclusions are drawn:

Along socio-economic profile of the respondents

Almost 50 percent of the respondents are within the age bracket of 15-24; Majority are male; majority are married; many graduated from high school but almost all of them may never experience college life; majority have experience of 6-10 years in the industry; majority among them are stone miners and less are carvers; majority are engaged in farming and fishing industry as a source of their other income; majority have income of PhP 600-1000 per week; almost majority has a family members of 3-8; almost 100 percent never attended training; almost 100 percent never attended trade-fair of their products; almost 75 percent of the respondents could bring down 1-2 cubic meters per week.

Difficulties on Tools and Equipment, Transportation Facilities, Health and Safety, Associations/Cooperatives

On Tools and Equipment. The respondents “strongly agreed” that they are using the manual tools for shaping of the designs, a reason that their product is not much appreciated, followed by their claim that they buy their own tools, and their claim that there is lack of modern powerful tools and equipments for the mining and carving operation of the industry.

On Transportation Facilities. The respondents “agreed” that they encountered poor rugged road, hardly accessible and slanting slope going to the site; apart they are also renting cart and carabao or cow in transporting the stone products.

On Health and Safety. The respondents.  The respondents “strongly agreed” that “they provide their own medicines for first aid”; “agreed” to item two stating that “they oftentimes experience cuts and other injuries”.

On Associations/Cooperatives. The respondents “agreed” that “the association/cooperative is not functional; however, “disagreed” to item two stating that “the funds of the association/cooperatives are not allocated properly”.

Inventory Level on  Tools and Equipments and Needs for Technology Transfer

Tools and equipment.  The respondents leveled “available but not enough” to the following: “Crow bar, Stone blower, Electric Drill, Electric Sander, Electric Saw (Stone Cutter), Electric Generator, Hydraulic Hammer”; “Flat bar spring, Shovel, Mallet, Anvil, Tent, Round Spring are leveled “enough and available”.

Needs for Technology Transfer. “Skills training/seminar-workshop for technology transfer and product design development sponsored by the local or national government” and item on “Trade-fair sponsored by the local or national government held in your municipality relevant to stone mining and carving industry was leveled as “enough and available” and  “available but not enough” were leveled to “not available”.

Marketing Needs. The item on “Capital and strategic market location with safe parking space owned by the municipal government” was leveled as “Very Much Needed”.

The item on “annual municipal or provincial product promo assistance program in the form of a Trade Fair and tourism, TV & Web-site promoting the stone craft industry, Establishment of lending regulated institutions was leveled as “Slightly Needed”.

The Prospects in Marketing Flow (along buying, displaying, selling).

The entrepreneurs aimed the following: maintaining good carvers and eventually stone miners so they could have better quality and quantity of products. They claimed it would be beneficial to the workers because they would be covered with more benefits as contract employees and invest special training to their people.

There should be a better and safer place for the finished products. Linkage with the tourism industry shall be studied to capitalize the nature’s beauty of the place, sea products and promoting the stone mining and carving industry at once. More products and designs be displayed and it should be available anytime.

There should be massive production and more designs for prospective dealers via a consignment program. However, for new designs and new sizes orders may also be received or attended.

        (To be concluded)