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(THE Prospects in Physical Flow (along transporting, warehousing, designs).

Along transportation, the entrepreneurs aimed for better services and conveniences of the clienteles by providing transportation (hauling) during delivery of products. In warehousing, it would be placed to a safer place not along the shoulder of the highway only for free hazard.

No prospective designs given by the respondent-entrepreneurs at the time the interview is conducted.

The Relationships of the Socio-economic Profile and the Level of Socio-economic Difficulties (along Tools and Equipments, Transportation and Facilities Used, Health and Safety, and Associations/Cooperatives).

There is a significant relationship of the age of the respondents to the level of socio-economic difficulties. The rest of the selected profile along sex, civil status, educational attainment, number of years as miners, source of income, income per week, number of family members, number of trainings attended, number of trade-fairs attended, number of cubic meters per week of the respondents shows no significant relationships.

The Relationships of the Socio-economic Profile and the Inventory Level (along Needs for Tools and Equipments, Needs for Technology Transfer and Development, and Marketing Needs).

There is a significant relationships of age, similar significance is pointed to source of income when correlated with the Inventory Level as a whole variable. The rest of the selected profile of the respondents shows no significant relationships with the inventory level.



Based from the conclusions drawn, the following recommendations are hereby advanced by the researchers to the honorable Local Government Executives and Councils of the three municipalities; and other government concerned agencies like the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), Department of Science and Technology (DOST), Department of Tourism and even the University of Northern Philippines .


A.) For the Stone Carvers/Stone Craft Workers

1.    Minors should be prohibited to work as stone miners and carvers as stated in the Philippine Mining Act of 1995.

2.    For the Entrepreneurs of the Stone Mining and Carving Industry

Since the respondents are found out to have problems along benefits, it is suggested that managers should provide / pay their workers’ PHILHEALTH, design death benefits and disability benefits program.

B. For the local government officials:

1.    Budget allocations should be considered by the three municipalities for the annual training (non-formal education) of the stone miners and carvers in order to make their products more competitive, not just for the local market but for world market.  

To do this:

Link training program with the assistance of DOST for technology transfer and refinement of products, tapping the assistance of  the Institute of Fine Arts and Architecture of the nearest university (UNP) for the designs, and tapping the DTI for the marketing aspects.

2.    Local officials and entrepreneurs should also attend national and international trade-fair.

3.    Product and display and development and center (PDDC) should be established by each municipality or with a concerted effort of the three municipalities. Eventually this could be appreciated by locals and foreign tourist.

4.    Since farming and fishing are revealed as other sources of income of the stone miners-carvers, proper farming and aqua-fish culture should be introduced in order to maximize the very good topography of the place.

To do this:

Link training program with the assistance of Department of Agriculture (DA) and Bureau of Fishery and Aquatic Resources for technology transfer.

5.    The Local Government should also help the stone miners and carvers in acquiring powered tools and equipment to facilitate the accomplishment of their work.

To do this:

     Seed money for the existing associations or cooperatives should be allocated.


C) Implications for more research

    It is advanced that other researchers should make a study on the effect of quarrying of stones in the three municipalities of Ilocos Sur.#

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