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Welcome, Kamay na Bakal

In My Eyes

By Edward B. Antonio


Never mind if I will be criticized for calling him president this early, fellas.

He will be 100% president by the way,

Welcome, President Rodrigo Duterte.

Welcome President Digong.

Welcome, “Kamay na bakal!”

This is your destiny. This is our destiny. This is our history.

President Digong himself said that winning the presidency is “destiny.”

But for Mang Maing, it’s a social revolution of the Filipino people.

What revolution, fellas?

It’s a revolution against drugs, corruption and criminality.

When he said in his campaign ad: “My God, I hate drugs,” people cheered for him.

When he said, “Kayong mga kriminal, magbago na kayo o aalis na kayo,” people cheered for him.

When he admitted that he kills criminals himself, people cheered for him.

He came to brushes with the CBCP for his ruthless image as “berdugo mg mga kriminal,” and he answered them: “E kayo, anong nagagawa ninyo laban sa kriminalidad?”

And people took his side vs the CBCP as shown in his landslide votes!

Duterte won because he is not your usual politician. He won because he can connect with the common problem of the masses. He won because he is seen as the savior of the people against drugs, corruption and criminality.

He won because he dresses simply, looks simply and talks with humor and punch.

He won because, as Neal Cruz says, “The people like him because they are tired of criminals and corrupt public officials, and he talks tough against them.”

When he was Davao City mayor, he would bark at the criminals: “Leave Davao or die!.”

“I’ll throw them into Manila Bay to fatten the fish, the criminals and the corrupt together, so it will be in just one fell swoop,” he said.

That’s why people liked him. He is seen as the savior of a country considered to be one of the most corrupt countries in the world.

KZ2016 of rappler cites 2 more reasons why President Digong captivated the heart of the electorates:

  1. The people like how Duterte seems to not fear anyone or anything.

People like his courage and fearlessness. He is straightforward and does not fear anyone. He is also not afraid of expressing himself and exposing the wrongdoings of the government. He also does not care how he will be judged by the people when he revealed her two wives and two girlfriends on the national television.

  1. They want the Philippines to become more disciplined. Moreover, we want the Philippines to become like Davao. People are tired and sick of poverty, employment and hunger being unsolved for decades. People see Duterte as someone who has the guts to discipline people and implement stricter laws for the betterment of the nation. He is also known to solve a lot of issues like traffic, drug abuse, criminality and corruption in Davao. Davao is known to be one of the safest and peaceful places in the Philippines because of Rodrigo Duterte’s administration.

But is President Digong that ruthless?

“Behind his strong and sometimes intransigent persona seen in public is a compassionate, sincere and principled man,” said Leoncio Evasco Jr., his longtime chief of staff. “He is the most sincere, simple but dedicated leader I have ever worked with. He inspires people who know him very well.”

The son of a former governor of the then undivided Davao province and a schoolteacher, Duterte currently is on his seventh term as city mayor. He was a one-time congressman in 1998. In 2010 he served as vice mayor to his daughter, Sara.

He rides a motorbike and owns an expensive Harley-Davidson, but uses an old pickup truck as he goes around the city.The truck is equipped with a megaphone Duterte uses in reprimanding abusive motorists and constituents. He used to patrol the city in a convoy with blaring sirens accompanied by armed men with long firearms.

For Mike Canuto, a medical student, Duterte has done a lot of good in the city of Davao.

“He built a  rehabilitation and treatment center for drug users which provides 24-hour services to everyone who wants to get clean,” he said.

“He most especially hates persons who discriminate, take advantage and assault vulnerable sectors of our society—the lumad, the people with different gender preferences and most especially women,” Evasco said. “The elitists are trying to impose their myopic rules on our people,” he said. “Duterte is not in this elitist circle and he is definitely out–of-the-box.”

Sometimes, he would pose as a taxi driver at night to personally check the roasds for criminal elements.

In other words, he is the resurrection of Clint Eastwood’s  “Dirty Harry,” and Charles Bronson’s character in the Death Wish series.

Welcome, then, President Digong.

Welcome, kamay na bakal.