THERE are 27 or 43.54 percent belongs to age bracket of 15-24; followed by 15 or 25.19 percent within the age bracket 34-44. It is also good to note that there is one or 1.61 percent within the age bracket of 65-74.

Along sex, there are 58 or 93.5 percent male, and three or 4.8 percent are female. It implies that younger and male are required in this manual job because of its hardships. Along civil status, there are 32 or 51.6 percent who are married; followed by 27 or 43.5 percent who are single; one widow and one widower respectively. Along educational attainment, there are 23 or 37.1 percent are high school graduates; 18 or 29.0 percent are high school undergraduates; 10 or 16.1 elementary graduates; followed by six or 9.7 elementary undergraduates. It is noted that there are two or 3.2 percent who are college graduates. It implies that the single respondents are responsible enough to augment the income of their families even if this is hard labor. Their low education is a manifestation that they sacrifice not to study anymore in order to survive.

Along number of years as miners/carvers one or 1.61 percent have 36-40, 31-35 years of experience respectively; there are 32 or 51.62 percent respondents who experience 6-10 years; among them, there 41 or 66.12 percent who claimed to be plain stone miners, 19 or 30.65 percent are plain stone carvers, and two are capitalist of stone miners and carvers. It implies and supports that many started young sacrificing their thirst of education, more are stone miners and few are stone carvers; the fact that carving is also considered as a talent.

There are 51 or 82.25 percent who are engaged in fishing and farming to augment their income followed by carpentry with three or 4.84 percent and tricycle driving with two or 3.22 percent; there are 31 or 50.00 percent among the respondents who have an average income per week of PhP 600-1000; followed by an income per week of PhP500 and below; there are 24 or 38.70 percent of the respondents who have family members of three to five; followed by six to eight family members with 20 or 32.25 percent among the respondents; and 13 or 20.97 percent have zero to 2 family members. However, it is also noted that there are four or 6.45 percent who have family members of 9-11. It implies that stone mining and carving industry is seasonal and peak season is during summer time considering local and international tourist that buy souvenirs and peak season for landscaping and construction works, so the respondents are also engaged in fishing and farming.

There are 58 or 93.5 percent among the respondents that revealed they never attended training but it is also marked that two attended training; there are 56 or 90.3 percent among the respondents who revealed they never attended trade-fair; however some attended trade-fair (two or 3.2 percent attended one trade-fair, and one or 1.61 percent attended three trade fair); there are 44 or 70.42 percent who claimed they were able to bring down about one to two cubic meters per week; about 17 or 27.42 percent claimed to bring down about three to four cubic meters per week. It is noted that almost none so far among the respondents have trainings. It implies they are trained only via on the job (OJT) training by their fathers.

Level of the socio-economic difficulties encountered

Along tools and equipment that “Flat Bar Spring, Shovel, Crowbar, Stone blower, Electric Drill, Electric Sander, Electric Saw (Stone Cutter), Electric Generator, Hydraulic Hammer” , a computed mean of 2.55, 2.50, 1.83, 1.82, 1.23, 1.07, 1.01, 1.03, and 1.16 respectively and leveled as “available but not enough” was attained. It implies their difficulties as manifested by their low cost tools designed for manual work.

Along Needs for Technology Transfer “Skills training/seminar-workshop for technology transfer and product design development sponsored by the local or national government” was leveled to “enough and available”; and the item on “Trade fair / Exhibition sponsored by the local or national government held in your municipality relevant to stone craft industry” was with a computed mean of 1.50 and 1.56 leveled as “not available” respectively. It implies their thirst for training and development.

Item Mean and Descriptive Level of the Inventory Along Marketing Needs


Marketing Needs                                             Mean                       Descriptive Level

1.Capital                                                          4.25                     Very Much needed

2. Strategic market location with safe

parking space owned by the municipal

government.                                                     4.01                     Very Much needed

3. Annual municipal or provincial product

promo assistance program in the form of

 a Trade Fair and tourism.                                  3.48                     Slightly needed

TV & Web-site promoting the stone

craft industry                                                     3.42                     Slightly needed

Establishment of lending regulated

institutions                                                        3.94                     Slightly needed

        (To be continued)