THE ITEM on “Capital and strategic market location with safe parking space owned by the municipal government” has a computed mean of 4.25 and 4.01 respectively and leveled as “Very Much Needed”.

The item on “annual municipal or provincial product promo assistance program in the form of a Trade Fair and tourism, TV & Website promoting the stone craft industry, Establishment of lending regulated institutions has a computed mean of 3.48, 3.42, 3.94 leveled as “Slightly Needed”.

The Present Practices and Prospects  in the Marketing Flow  of the Industry

Present practices in buying, displaying, selling. In reality the entrepreneurs organized only a group of stone miners and carvers whenever there are job orders. They will give the volume (number of pieces as quota to produce in a given number of days) including designs and pay those (workers) depending on the volume of finished products per week. Most of the products are just displayed along the shoulders of the national highway. There are two types of selling to clients: small time clients and big time clients. For small time clients: walk-in buyers come and go buying products for souvenir purposes and for use only at home. For big time clients: the contacted entrepreneurs deal their products to a company (example: a construction firm, etc. that gave orders).

Prospects in buying, displaying, selling. The entrepreneurs aimed at the following: maintaining good carvers and eventually stone miners so they could have better quality and quantity of products. They claimed it would be beneficial to the workers because they would be covered with more benefits as contract employees and invest special training to their people. Better and safer place for the finished products. Linkage with the tourism industry shall be studied to capitalize the nature’s beauty of the place, sea products and promoting the stone mining and carving industry at once. More products and designs be displayed and it should be available anytime. Massive production and more designs for prospective dealers via a consignment program. However, for new designs and new sizes, orders may also be received or attended.

The Present Practices and Prospects in the Physical Flow of the Industry

    The present practices in physical flow. Along transportation, most of the time the company or an individual who deals with the entrepreneurs is the one who will pick up the finished products; however transportation arrangement is also considered as a business deal and services practiced.

Along warehousing, the entrepreneurs are the ones responsible for keeping the finished products. Most of the time products are just placed near their house yards along the highway.

The Present Product Designs, Sizes and Prices

1. Mortar and Pestles (Almires). Small    (4 inches) = Php40.00, Medium (5 inches) =  80.00, Large  (8 inches) = 120.00

2. Slabs (Piedra Pinoy or Baldosa). Sizes:  6×12 = Php   25.00, 12×12 = 50.00, 16×16 = 20.00, 18×18 = 140.00, 20×20 = 160.00.

3. Chinese Pagoda. Sizes: 30 inches = Php 2,000.00, 36 inches = 2,500.00

4. Table (Set). 4 Seaters: 36×40 =Php 6,500.00, etc.

5. Benches. Size: 16×70 Php 2,500.00, 16×60  Php 2,300.00, etc.

6. Fountain. 32 inches = Php 6,500.00, etc.

7. Lamp Shades. Sizes: 12×36 = Php 2,200.00, 14×40 =2,500.00, etc.

The prospects in physical flow. Along transportation, entrepreneurs aimed at better services and conveniences of the clienteles by providing transportation (hauling) during delivery of products. In warehousing, it would be placed to a safer place not along the shoulder of the highway only for free hazard.

There appears a significant relationship between the age ( rxy  -.308) of the respondents and their socio-economic difficulties. The rest of the selected profile along sex, civil status, educational attainment, number of years as miners, source of income, income per week, number of family members, number of trainings attended, number of trade-fairs attended, number of cubic meters per week of the respondents shows no significant relationships.

This implies that proper age (maybe at the middle teen age) signals that the respondents are physically maturing or developing for the hard labor, too young in the mining site is not appreciated.

     (To be continued)