Workers express concern over lifestyle check of government employees

The Ilocos formation of a nationwide workers alliance voiced their concern of the administration’s institution of a lifestyle check for government employees which President Rodrigo Duterte announced in Clark Field, Pampanga during the celebration of the 69th Founding Anniversary of the Philippine Air Force last Tuesday.

“While we recognize the importance of President Rodrigo Duterte’s drive to rid the bureaucracy of dishonest individuals, we are concerned that the measure will make a showcase out of ordinary employees,” the All Workers Unity (AWU) said in a statement. The group urged the Duterte administration to “direct the measure to officials in the different government offices”.

The statement claimed that past administrations used the life style check to cover the huge corruption and abuses by government officials in the expense of lowly employees.

“Despite the glaring and unprecedented increase of net worth of high ranking officials during the rule of Arroyo and PNoy, none were ever charged and convicted. Instead rank and file employees were the one’s targeted to save the hide of officials,” states AWU.

AWU pointed that uplifting the condition of the rank-and-file employees by granting a significant salary increase must go alongside the campaign against corruption.

“The fight against corruption and government inefficiency can be substantially attained by ensuring that employees are receiving just salary. Certifying the bill for the P16, 000 national minimum wage for government employees as urgent will complement the effort,” the group stated.#