World tourism beauties paint Cabugao town red

CABUGAO, Ilocos Sur – The 22 tourism beauties vying for Miss Tourism World conducted seacoast cleaning in Pug-os Beach, Cabugao, Ilocos Sur, Oct. 21 and then engaged in fun and TV interview afterwards.

The girls had fun cleaning the beach, engaging in pictorials with the locals and then dancing and winding it out at the Amytony Resort in this town where they showcased their talent in dancing.

A one-hour interview for Kapihan Iti Amianan Media Forum followed where topics ranged from environmental protection, promotion of tourism in spite of diversity in culture and how to promote world tourism.

Outstanding answers came from Miss USA, Miss Australia, Miss Nigeria, Miss Malaysia, Miss Mexico, Miss Mongolia, Miss Vietnam, Miss India, Miss Hongkong, Miss Taiwan, Miss Fil-Com USA, Miss Malaysia, Miss Brazil, Miss Ethopia and Miss Philippines. Other candidates also reacted to various topics especially when asked about their advocacies once they win.

Interviewers were panelists from the Ilocos Sur Integrated Press headed by Benjamin Pacris.

The Cabugao leg of the pageant was led by Amytony Abarquez of the Amytony Foundations who manages the beauty pageant. (Edward Antonio)