It’s more fun in school with Happy School Movement

With the birth of Child Protection Policy in 2012, known as the Policy and Guidelines on Protecting Children in School from Abuse, Violence, Exploitation, Discrimination, Bullying and Other Forms of Abuse, various symposia, seminars and other information dissemination campaigns have been initiated by different schools to let teachers, learners and everybody know their do’s and don’ts in dealing with a learner.

This became an eye-opener to everyone on how fragile and delicate our learners are, thus they deserve to be loved and taken with utmost care. Activities and movements had been in the center stage to make our schools a child-friendly haven.

Happy School Movement or the HSM is just one movement which advocates to promote that every school should be a better and enjoyable place to learn.

Researchers confirm that a positive school climate can help decrease absenteeism, suspensions and bullying. Likewise, it increases pupils’ achievement and motivation to learn and improve their psychological well-being. This shows that it’s really more fun in school.

Happy School fosters a child-friendly atmosphere among all learners. The creation of an environment where learners can voice-out and fully express themselves as well as promote learning in an easy yet affective way of learning is the core of this movement.

Well they say, “it takes two to tango”, therefore Happy School Movement (HSM) does not only concern learners but also the teachers and the school administrators. Happy teachers build in a happy environment and mold happy learners.

With the adoption of the Happy School activities which is anchored on the four pillars of responsive school leadership, relevant classroom instruction, conducive and healthy learning environment and good governance, for sure the ambiance in the school and environment will undergo a quite transformation, making it a place that is enjoyable and conducive to all our school children.

According to DepEd Region 1 Regional Director Malcolm Garma, learners being the center of our educational system should be treated with tender love and care regardless of their status in life, gender, ethnicity, cultural backgrounds and mental and physical capabilities. Teachers should not only be suppliers of knowledge and information but also providers of comfort, warmth and love where children learn in a happy way and consider school as their home away from home.

School heads on the other way around also play vital roles in this advocacy. They should serve as key to unlock the door and transform schools into a Happy School with the BL way or the so-called bridging leadership. Bridging leadership is filling in the gap with the learners, teachers and parents and inviting them together to join and cross the challenges as well as encouraging them to be cooperative and to bring out the best in them for their own good in particular and the school in general.

Happy School Movement is indeed a very promising transformative advocacy to our schools. Keeping in mind that our school children now will soon rule the future, thus let us make sure that our learners learn not just on survival mode or break-even scheme. We should see to it that there is a return of investment on the way they learn and that they become life-long learners, very much ready to conquer the world with happiness in their thoughts, words and actions.

And if this happens, it will be more fun in schools, no children will be left behind and what a wonderful world it will be!!!