COMMUNAL IRRIGATION SYSTEM. One of the communal irrigation systems managed by indigenous farmers in one of the villages in Pinukpuk, Kalinga. It was developed with the assistance of the Center for Development Programs in the Cordillera (CDPC) through its partnership with Solidagro and the Province of East Flanders Belgium. CDPC is urging the government to support the Cordillera rice terraces farmers through the enhancement of their age-old traditional communal irrigation systems and protection of their rights over their water resources. (photo courtesy of CDPC)

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PRO1 holds Intercolor Sportsfest 2019

CAMP BGEN OSCAR M FLORENDO — In the spirit of camaraderie, the Police Regional Office 1 held its Intercolor Sportsfest 2019 on July 16, 2019 at the PNP PRO1 Parade Ground in San Fernando City,… Read more »

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Pannakaarisit dagiti Partylist representatives

SAAN pay a nanglukat ti maika-18 a Kongreso, ngem maysa nga agdadamo a kongresista ti nagbalin a sentro ti kontrobersia gapu iti panangdanogna iti maysa a waiter sadiay Legazpi City, Albay idi parbangon ti Hulio… Read more »

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Fly infestations

There’s this news about fly infestation in Ormoc City, fellas. A news release states that several barangays in Ormoc City have been hit by fly infestation since May 13, according to city health officials. Barangay… Read more »


Nangisit a Balitok (Maudi a paset)

Iti rimmuar nga isyu a libre dagiti darat a yawid ti kontraktor iti pagilianda, di manen patien dagiti umili. Dakkel la ketdi a kuarta ti naibayad kadagiti lider (manipud ngato agingga iti baba) tapno maiwayat… Read more »


Kadakkelan a pyramiding scam iti Pilipinas

NAGADUN dagiti napasamak a pyramiding scam iti Pilipinas, ngem kasla saan a maleksionan dagiti Pilipino ta adu latta dagiti magargari ken masulisog iti kari a nangato nga interes ti kuartada. Panagaramat iti relihion ken social… Read more »



Ket nakisalip da Sabas ken Teody (Maudi a paset)

“Sir… Mayor…!” Timmakder ni Manong Sabas a kunam lan’ adda iti korte a mangdepdepensa iti nakaidarumanna. Nagbusingar dagiti dua nga abot ti agongna. “Aguraykayo, beshie, ta kitaek no ania ti naikabil a parbo a nagan… Read more »


Ket nakisalip da Sabas ken Teody (Maikadua a paset)

Impalawlawna ti panagkitana kadagiti partisipante idi makabayad. Agdadamoda a talaga, inyisemna. Apagisu a malpas nga agsao ken agkampania ni Mayor Santiago idi sumangpet ni Manong Teody. “Apagisu met ti sangpetmo, kayong.” Inyellek ni Manong Sabas.… Read more »


Ket nakisalip da Sabas ken Teody (Umuna a paset)

ARIGNA kataptapuak ti masadsadut a manok iti dayta a Sabado, agkapkapen ni Manong Sabas Mierkoles. Dua ti rason no apay nasapsapa ita ti panagmulagatna ngem kadagiti napalpalabas nga aldaw. Umuna, kasangay ita ni Nicole a… Read more »


Kiniing (Maudi a paset)

(Basaen ti umuna ken maikadua a paset) AGSANGSANGIT ni Bernalyn, iti dayta a sardam nga inkam panagsarita iti nalapat. Iti nadaeg a salas iti balayda. “Disgusting. Selfish ti inaramidmo, Bernalyn. Imbabam met la unayen ti… Read more »



Feature: A snapshot of the booming tourism of Ilocos Region

Planning a trip but not sure where to visit? Try heading north particularly in Ilocos Region.   Four provinces comprise the region namely Pangasinan, the nearest to Manila, then La Union, Ilocos Sur, and Ilocos Norte.… Read more »


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FEATURE: Volkswagen museum to open in Baguio


FEATURE: Celebrating Independence Day through French dishes with a Filipino twist

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Storytelling to kiddos, gone away?

It’s always good to reminisce our childhood days where we made precious memories with our families and friends. One thing I always cherish during my childhood days is the time when my parents used to… Read more »

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Sarrateña crowned Miss Ilocos Norte ‘19

LAOAG CITY — Representing the Municipality of Sarrat, Precious Olay Neyra, 21, was crowned Miss Ilocos Norte 2019, besting 22 other ladies from all the cities and municipalities of the province in a well-attended coronation night, May… Read more »

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Pangasinan PHO reminds public against common summer diseases

DAGUPAN CITY — The Provincial Health Office (PHO) in Pangasinan reminded the public anew to take necessary precautions against health risks and common diseases brought about by extreme heat during summer time. Nurse Rhodalia Binay-an… Read more »


Pilgrimage sites in Pangasinan, destination for relaxation and reflection

It may seem strange to combine religion with summer vacation, but for many Filipinos, Holy Week is a chance to catch up on much needed rest, as well as being a time for reflection and… Read more »